Frequently Asked Questions

What is Shrink Wrap?
Shrink wrap is a polyethylene film made from 100% virgin resin with special UV inhibitors that is heated to shrink up to 25% to from a custom, tensioned, waterproof, protective shield for your application.

How is it applied?
Shrink wrapping is a system that is applied by our personnel that utilizes special supports, bands, padding, polyethylene film, tape and specialty tools to encase and protect your assets from weather damage and wear.  We can also add vents, anti- moisture/ mold/corrosion agents and zippered doors or windows to any application depending on your needs.

How much does Shrink Wrap cost?
Shrink wrap is generally priced by the square foot of film applied and the specific application requirements of the project.  The price per square foot also varies due to different wrap thicknesses and materials.  Our price includes our travel to your site and our work is insured. A typical 20 foot boat without a tower would generally be priced around $200 and provide all weather protection for at least 12 months. Please use our online quote sheet to provide you with a specific price for your project.

Is Shrink Wrap the same as stretch wrap?
These are completely different products as Shrink Wrap is a thick, strong virgin resin product with UV inhibitors that forms a tough, durable weatherproof shield when “shrunk” with a   propane fired heat tool.  Stretch wrap is a thin, clear plastic film applied around an object, sticks to itself and is not weatherproof and does not offer any UV protection.

What can be Shrink Wrapped?
The simple answer is almost anything can be shrink wrapped as Shrink Wrap forms a custom mold to the shape of the object and size doesn’t matter as the film welds to itself to create one large seamless sheet for objects as large as a building. Please contact us if you have a question about an application or need and we will be honest about whether or not shrink wrap is a viable product for you.

What are the advantages of Shrink Wrap?

  • Shrink Wrap offers total protection from rain, wind, UV, and animals
  • “Self Store” your items and eliminate expense and limited covered or indoor storage
  • Easy to repair if damaged
  • Resolves chafing and rubbing to paint, gel coats and finished surfaces as happens from loose, flapping tarps
  • Resolves constant checking and re-tightening of  rope/bands after storms
  • No cleaning after storage as cover is weather tight
  • Vents and hull spacers are used to reduce moisture and mildew problems associated with outdoor storage
  • Lasts for a minimum of 12 months
  • Zippered windows and doors can be added for inspection/access to covered items
  • Desiccants/ anti-microbial, and anti corrosion can be added for extra protection or sensitive objects
  • Specialty Shrink Wraps films such as flame retardant, Bioshield, and VCI films can be used to meet military and industrial applications.